martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

short film

DE todo Un POCO


I remember it well; it used to scare me in the backyard. It wasn’t the same as the one in toy box because it couldn’t fit there. This one was bigger. I always looked for him in the same place where I hand washed my panties. I tried to avoid him going at different times, earlier or later. But he always knew at what time I would be there. I thought he wanted to eat me, but he only got close and growled at me. Despite my young age and short height, he wouldn’t stop haunting me and so it became a routine. Every time I had to wash my panties, he crept over the fence.

He would look at me and then suddenly jump at me. But, when I closed my eyes and was ready to scream... it disappeared. I used that opportunity to run towards the house. We did the same year after year, he laughed at me, and I ran. I know it now but back then I feared him.

One night after my 10th birthday, I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. I got there early. Decidedly, I climbed up the fence but when I got the top all I could see was grass, stones, and branches. He was gone! I didn’t see his mysterious cave, or his ghostly footprints. Disappointed by his coward reaction, I got off the fence. I had a big pile of panties, all thanks to him, thanks to nothing. I picked up the soap, I felt calm, in peace, it was all gone now. Suddenly, I heard a muffled grunt; he wanted my attention. My knees were trembling, but I decided to ignore him. I thought to my self: he’ll leave if I ignore him. But, the clever monster brought the witch with him. Together they made me cry, I couldn’t confront them, defeated I ran and never went back alone at night.

A few days ago I went back, it’s been ten years since. I waited for him, but he never came. I miss him, but deep down I know he died because of me. I forgot about him first.

And now that Monster is not there anymore… I miss it.

Original by Isis Padilla

Translated by Pamela Fernández

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